PlayStation 3 80GB MotorStorm Bundle

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  As DVD playback made the PlayStation 2 more than only a game desktop, hefty multi-media features make the Sony PlayStation three an even more versatile house leisure desktop. Options equivalent to video chat, web get right of entry to, digital photograph viewing, and digital audio and video will seemingly make it the crucial element

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As DVD playback made the PlayStation 2 more than only a game desktop, hefty multi-media features make the Sony PlayStation three an even more versatile house leisure desktop. Options equivalent to video chat, web get right of entry to, digital photograph viewing, and digital audio and video will seemingly make it the crucial element of your media set-up. Nonetheless, it’s firstly a sport console–a formidable one at that.

Below the Hood
The PS3 features IBM’s “Cell” processor and a co-developed Nvidia snap shots processor that makes the system in a position to perform two trillion calculations per 2d. Which is roughly 320 occasions more calculations per second than the PS2. Together with the traditional AV and composite connections, it also boasts an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) port, which provides uncompressed, unconverted digital picture and sound to appropriate high-definition TV and projectors. The machine is capable of 128-bit pixel precision and 1080p decision for a full HD expertise.

PlayStation three: Tower of Energy
A swish new seem Incorporates a wireless motion-delicate controller

Blu-Ray Is the New Means
Sony’s PlayStation three video games are encoded onto the Blu-Ray disc media structure, which can dangle six instances as much knowledge as conventional DVDs. This elevate in capacity, blended with the awesome power of its processor and pictures card, promises mind-blowing games once developers have realized fully harness the new console’s energy. The PS3 may also give a boost to CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R formats.

In addition, PlayStation three gadget tool replace version 2.20 and up contains BD Live give a boost to. With this you could now play discs that toughen Blu-ray Disc Profile (BD-LIVE) and that you can also connect with the Internet while taking part in discs that fortify this format so that you can obtain further options. Features which can be to be had fluctuate depending on the tool in use.


Sensational Controller
New avid gamers intuitively move the controller whereas enjoying, although that movement has historically had no relation to what’s going on within the sport. Sony has picked up on this tendency and is using it to deliver a brand new degree of keep watch over to the PS3. Inside the controller is a excessive-precision six-axis sensing device that accurately detects high quality actions in pitch, roll, and yaw, in addition to three dimensions of motion. Which means future PS3 games will likely be controlled by means of the actions of your hands relatively than simply your thumbs. For instance, you could be capable of steer a automobile by using maintaining the controller like a steerage wheel.

Whereas the PS3 controller looks very similar to its Dual Shock predecessors, it is going to lack the power-comments vibration on account that that will handiest interfere with the sensing gadget. It makes use of Bluetooth wi-fi technology and can reinforce up to seven wi-fi controllers at a time. It is a scorching-swappable device, so if your controller is working low on energy, just pause your sport and connect a USB cable. which You can continue taking part in while your controller recharges robotically.

Backwards Appropriate
The PlayStation 3 will be backward suitable with most PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games, because of this you’ll play your favourite games without retaining the entire previous systems. The console will have slots for Reminiscence Stick Duo, an SD slot and a Compact Flash memory slot. It comes with a pre-put in hard disc pressure, which lets you retailer video games as well as download content from the internet.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
Resistance: Fall of Man

A Slew of New video Games
A whole host of recreation publishers are already backing the PS3 and a couple of have even demonstrated video games for the console. On the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), more than 30 titles had been displayed for the device, together with Gran Turismo HD, Resistance: Fall of Man, and Final Fable XIII. Previously introduced titles embrace Metallic Gear Stable 4, Devil May just Cry four and Tekken 6.

Sony has said that the PS3 may have an identical online connectivity and services and products as the next era of Xbox Live. Calling it “an always on, always connected instrument,” SCEI’s chief technical officer Masa Chatani stated the PS3 can be continuously in contact with a “PlayStation World” community “essentially in accordance with community, communication commerce, and content.” Technically, the infrastructure is there to make that connection. The PS3 helps 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T Ethernet, as well as IEEE 802.11 b/g wi-fi networking protocols.


What’s in the Field? Game system Sixaxis wireless controller AC power wire Audio/Video cable (HDMI or Part cable bought one by one) Ethernet cable USB cable MotorStorm

Product Options

  • video Games will use Blu-ray discs as media structure
  • Incorporates a highly effective Cell processor and a dynamic RSX pictures chip
  • Constructed-in Wi-Fi access for easy connection to gaming services and products and the Web

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GarionOrb says:

Great system…but beware! This system is incredible. By now you either love it or hate it, so I won’t go into details. But here’s a word of warning on the 80 GB model. The backwards compatibility is very much reduced from the 60 GB model. This is because the 80 GB lacks the hardware that previous models use to play PS1 and PS2 games (Emotion Engine). Now, games from old systems run on emulation software. While this works with some titles, others don’t work right at all. Sony promises to release patches with future system updates, but they’ve also said their priority will be with developing PS3 games and not spending time and energy on PS1 and 2.So if backwards compatibility is a big selling point for you, get the 60 GB model instead (while they’re still around…remember they’ve been discontinued). Also noteworthy is that hard drives on the 60 GB model are fully upgradable with any HDD drive on the market.Let me restate this, however. The PlayStation 3 really IS the greatest…

A. C. Ege/Acedoh "acedoh" says:

A Leap Forward in So Many Ways! For all of you considering the PS3 this is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to home entertainment. Gaming and multimedia are taken to the next level.First getting my hands on the PS3 made me realize that this is the largest Playstation conosle by volume and weight they have ever come out with. I quickly realized how sturdy and well made this product is. The plastic that is used is solid and heavy duty. I also realized how easy dust and fingerprints attract to the shiny finish which is both plastic and fake chrome. Connecting the PS3 was the easy part. Unlike the Wii and 360 Sony has left the power station inside the console. Which means you only need one heavy duty plug to connect. From the back of the console you have many choices for video and audio outputs. The standard AV outlet is there which allows you to play with the cables it comes with or to buy component cables for high definition viewing. You also have a optical digital output for full…

R. Cho says:

Same great system but less hardware This 80G system is basically the same as 60G, but there is some hardware reduction which leads to manufacturing cost reduction. But Sony probably won’t pass on the savings to the consumers since they’ve been selling PS3 at loss since launch.One of the hardware reduction is EE+GS removal which is responsible for PS and PS2 backward compatibility. Now the new 80G system’s backward compatibility will rely on software emulation. We all know dedicated hardware is better than software emulation. So this raises a little concern.Other hardware modifications for cost reduction are consolidation of some ICs into a single chip and moving to smaller 65nm die cell processor. This will reduce the complexity of the board. Also smaller die means less power consumption which also means less heat dispassion from the components.So whether you want to buy new 80G system or phasing out 60G system is up to how you feel about the hardware changes. If removal of backward…

Mark says:

Really loved the photos, they have captrued every element of the day perfect. Im a cousin living in the uk and was unable to attend the big day, so really really appreciated the photos. X

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